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THE TWO men being held in the brutal rape of five females, including an eight-year-old girl, are to face an identification parade early this week.

The men, who, reportedly, are brothers, have been in custody since last Thursday. They were questioned for several hours on Friday.

While they try to find lawyers to represent them, highly placed sources have told The Gleaner that female attorneys-at-law in Montego Bay are shying away from the case in solidarity with the women who have been raped.

However, at least one high-profile male lawyer said he was willing to take the case "as I would only be doing my job".

The men were fingered in the rape, which has received international attention, after the five females were attacked at their home in Irwin Point, St James, last Monday night.


Diaspora support

Angered by the untenable situation of child abuse in their country, Jamaicans in the diaspora are pulling out all the stops to take back the island from sexual offenders.

"Not only are we planning a major fund-raiser for the family of five that was brutally raped by the gunmen in Irwin Point last Monday, but we are planning a workshop for Jamaican teachers which will allow them to recognise the signs of abuse," Judith Hall, president of the Association of International Educators, New York, told The Gleaner yesterday.

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