Board of Directors

  • Michael Anicette, Esq. – Attorney 
  • Selvin Bushay – Community Activist 
  • James Heyliger – President, AMENY
  • Carmen Wallace – Marketing & H. R. Consultant 
  • Joseph P. Awad, Esq. – Partner, Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. 
  • Arthur Schwartz, Esq. – Partner, Schwartz, Lichen & Bright, P.C.
  • Martha Stark, Esq - Distinguished Lecturer, Baruch College
  • Jacquelyn Williams - Principal, 99 Solutions
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Ain't the internet great? Just found where Acorn CEO, Bertha Lewis is applying guile: For fun search board members
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The Black Institute
The Black Institute shapes intellectual discourse and impacts public policy from the perspective of Black people in America and people of color throughout the diaspora.